Friday, September 4, 2009

4 Weeks to Go!!!!

Last Saturday I went down to the Labor & Delivery unit at work to get checked. I worked a 12 hour shift and had been feeling stronger contractions and thought I might be leaking amniotic fluid. Everything was fine and the contractions stopped once I drank some water and got off my feet. Since then I have been feeling more contractions but they aren't frequent or strong. My body is definitely getting ready! I go for my next appointment September 10th which is this Thursday. I can't wait to see if I've dilated or thinned. I am ready for this show to get on the road! I'm increasingly uncomfortable and really anxious about seeing Anderson. Chris and I went to our Hospital orientation last night and got alot of helpful info. I will be delivering at Trident Medical Center. The hospital is really nice and the Women and Children's floor has just been renovated. They offer alot of alternative pain management options such as walking, birthing balls, Jacuzzi tubs, etc. I plan on using whatever pain management options I need to get the job done. As long as Anderson is safe I don't care what it takes to get him out. Pray that my pelvis is big enough for this big boy to fit thru!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anderson's a REALLY BIG Boy!

I went for my 34 week appointment today and had another ultrasound. My doctor wanted to get another estimate on how big Anderson has gotten since the ultrasound 4 weeks ago. Well needless to say Anderson is HUGE! I am still measuring 4 weeks ahead and they estimate that he weighs 7 lbs 2 oz already and I'm 6 weeks from my due date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything looks great. All his organs are perfect and the amniotic fluid levels are good. My vitals and urine checks continue to be normal and the doctors are happy with my weight gain so far. I am starting to feel anxious about labor and delivery. The unknowns like when I'll go into labor, how big Anderson will actually be, and if I'll be able to deliver him vaginally are really overwhelming. I know it will all work out how God plans. All I want is my boy to be healthy and happy. I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable and sleeping at night is more difficult. My back hurts often and I get tired easily but nothing I can't handle. I have bad sciatic nerve pain down my right leg especially when I lay down to sleep. My hips are definitely tired of being slept on! My baby boy is so worth it! We video taped the ultrasound today and got some really good pictures. Anderson is definitely a boy! Dawn, the ultrasound tech made sure to point out his "Anderson parts"! We are so excited. My next visit is in two weeks, then I will go weekly until he's born. The plan is still to go into labor on my own, God willing. We'll just have to wait and see how our handsome boy decides to enter the world! Hugs and kisses!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Yesterday I went and bought the baby's stroller, car seat, and extra base with the money Chris' parents sent. It's really nice. Chris and I spent a long time trying out all the stroller options and liked this one the best. Today I took Mic for his first walk with the stroller and he did a great job! I thought he might pull or get scared of the stroller wheeling next to him so I wanted to practice before Anderson's born. Mic was a pro! He didn't pull at all and not once did we get tangled up. It was like he knew just want to do! He has been great the whole pregnancy. He has become even more protective of me and sleeps in the baby's room next to the crib all the time. It's like he know what is going on. I think it will be a hard adjustment for him when the baby's born but I know he'll be fine. Thanks Mom and Dad Fite for the stroller. Can't wait for you guys to get here!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anderson's Room is FINALLY ready!

We finally finished decorating the baby's room today. All the furniture is in place and I have washed and organized most of the clothes. Now all we need is our baby boy!!!! We are so excited and can't wait to meet him! I think his room turned out sooooo cute. It is definitely the perfect room for a baby boy! Sports everywhere, which is just the way we wanted it! Hope you like the pictures. Again sorry that some of them are sideways I'm lucky that I could get them to upload with my slow computer! I'm just glad I can share my thoughts and pictures with you. Love and miss you all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

6 Weeks to Go!!!

I can't believe I am 34 weeks already! I am excited and nervous. The anticipation of the unknown is very scary but I'm ready. As the days go by I fall more and more in love with my little boy. I can't wait to meet Anderson! He is so active. Christopher has felt some major kicks here lately. I love watching his face when my belly jumps. I'm glad he is able to experience the wonder of being able to feel Anderson moving all around. As Anderson grows I am getting more and more uncomfortable. He definitely ran out of room a long time ago but he keeps growing! Sleeping has become less restful. I totally agree that your body has it's ways of preparing you for the sleepless nights once the baby is born. My next doctor's appointment is Tuesday. We will have another ultrasound done to measure how big Anderson is now. I can't wait to see what they say! Everyone keeps telling me I look like I could pop any day!!!! Well I'm at work as usual and have to run. Love and miss you all!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Anderson's a BIG boy!

Sorry it has been so long since I've updated my blog. There is so much to tell. Christopher and I have been really busy with work and getting the house ready for Anderson's arrival. We also have traveled alot lately. Time is just flying by! I have had two doctors appointments since my last blog. I went July 15th for my 28th week appointment. Everything was progressing great. It was at that appointment that the doctor told me that I would need an ultrasound so they could get an estimate on Anderson's weight. He is growing like a weed! I have been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead and they wanted to see just how big he is. Yesterday was my 30 week appointment. We had the ultrasound done first. I was awesome to see how big our baby boy is! His heart rate was 150. All his organs look good and the amniotic fluid level is normal. They are estimating that he weighs 4 lbs 12 oz!!!!!!!! That means at just over 30 weeks he is the size of a 35 week baby! The doctors think that he will be at least 9 pounds! I can't believe it! I am starting to get nervous about labor and delivery. Just pray my pelvis can do its job so I don't have to have a C-section. If I keep measuring this big, if there are any complications, or they are worried I can't make it to 39 weeks I will have to have an amniocentesis to check Anderson's lung development and may need to be induced. Everyone pray that I can make it to at least 39 weeks without complications and that even though he may be huge, I'll be able to deliver him vaginally. Love you all! I'm at work so I have to run. Hugs and Kisses!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Setting up Anderson's room

Time is flying by and I feel like I should have way more done than what I do. We finally have furniture in Anderson's room. The crib and changing table/dresser unit have been in for about a week and today Chris and I put together the bookcase I bought to match. Everything looks great! I need to wash the bedding from Nana and Papaw and get in in the crib. My shower is coming up soon. Invitations are on the way! I am trying to organize what we already have so that it will be easier to put away the shower gifts! I bought some baskets for the shelves in the closet to hopefully help with organization. I also bought a really nice wicker laundry basket that goes well with all the wood furniture. I can't believe that in less than 3 months Anderson will be here! I can't wait to see him. I already love him so much!