Friday, September 4, 2009

4 Weeks to Go!!!!

Last Saturday I went down to the Labor & Delivery unit at work to get checked. I worked a 12 hour shift and had been feeling stronger contractions and thought I might be leaking amniotic fluid. Everything was fine and the contractions stopped once I drank some water and got off my feet. Since then I have been feeling more contractions but they aren't frequent or strong. My body is definitely getting ready! I go for my next appointment September 10th which is this Thursday. I can't wait to see if I've dilated or thinned. I am ready for this show to get on the road! I'm increasingly uncomfortable and really anxious about seeing Anderson. Chris and I went to our Hospital orientation last night and got alot of helpful info. I will be delivering at Trident Medical Center. The hospital is really nice and the Women and Children's floor has just been renovated. They offer alot of alternative pain management options such as walking, birthing balls, Jacuzzi tubs, etc. I plan on using whatever pain management options I need to get the job done. As long as Anderson is safe I don't care what it takes to get him out. Pray that my pelvis is big enough for this big boy to fit thru!!!!!

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